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Small hotels typically refer to hotels with a smaller scale and fewer rooms that provide basic accommodation and dining services. These hotels are usually operated more flexibly, with lower management and investment costs, making them popular among entrepreneurs and investors. Small hotels typically provide basic leisure and recreational facilities in addition to accommodation and dining services.

A photovoltaic energy storage system is a technology that uses the electricity generated by a photovoltaic power generation system for storage and use. The system typically consists of solar photovoltaic panels, a charge controller, battery packs, and an inverter. The solar photovoltaic panel converts sunlight into DC electricity, which is stored in the battery pack through the charge controller. The inverter then converts the stored electricity into AC electricity for use. The photovoltaic energy storage system can make full use of solar energy, improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption costs, and improve energy supply reliability and stability.

In small hotels, photovoltaic energy storage systems can serve as a renewable energy supply option to provide stable power supply while reducing energy consumption costs. They can also enhance the hotel's environmental image. Therefore, for small hotels that value environmental protection and sustainable development, photovoltaic energy storage systems are an ideal energy solution.